July 28, 2016

Help Registering

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Our goal is to support Evansville’s Innovation Ecosystem.

Listing in our directories is free as a benefit only for members of Tech-on-Tap. We hope these instructions make it simple for you to list.

Step 1 – Join the Tech-on-Tap meetup group 

Not a member of Tech-on-Tap? We use meetup.com to manage and connect our group. 

Membership is FREE and you can un-register at any time.

Join by following this link:  Join Tech-on-Tap

Step 2 – Register as a user of Connect@Tech-on-Tap

Connect@Tech-on-Tap provides free access to view and search our listing for everyone.

Registered users can post unlimited directory listings. Only members of Tech-on-Tap can register for Connect@Tech-on-Tap and it is FREE.

To complete registration you will need to provide your Tech-on-Tap member profile link in order for us to confirm you eligibility. Follow this link and search for you name in the Find a member: box.

Find my Tech-on-Tap member profile


Copy the web address for your profile. Paste into the registration form along with your other user information and you should be ready to post.


Step 3 – Post listings in Connect@Tech-on-Tap directories

Click the My Account menu button to find the link to post listings.