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Project based consultants. You won’t believe the talent ready to serve from your own community!

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Generalists and Subject Matter Experts ready to help you succeed! Mentors work for free if they feel a fit with you.

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Looking for experiential education and ready to help! Offer your talent as a paid or un-paid intern.

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Specialized facilities, tools and materials to support your innovation projects.

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Businesses and Institutions providing services to support individual entrepreneurs and small innovative companies.

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Employment Opportunities

Innovation companies building their teams!


—— Coming Soon —- Organizing a project? Post the details and build your team.

Challenges for Profit

—— Coming Soon —- Have a vexing innovation problem? Challenge our community to solve it for fun or profit.

Challenges for Good

—— Coming Soon —- Have a project focused on civic good? Post your project and build a team to change our community.

Access to Capital

—— Coming Soon —- We are working to deliver educational content to improve understanding of the Seed & Angel funding process for Founders and Funders.

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